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What Is An Invisible Fence? How Does It Work?

There is a company in Massachusetts that provides invisible fences to people with pets. You probably wonder what it is, and how it works.
It will use a digital radio frequency that operates the entire system; it is kind of like a satellite radio signal. Those signals are more reliable than the older AM and FM signals. The system, after having been professionally installed, is always up and running.
There is a control panel that broadcasts the signal. It is usually hidden somewhere, like the garage or some other outside building, or even in the house.
A collar is worn by the dog. The collar contains a receiver. The signal will let the dog know that it is going out of bounds, and the dog returns. The signal itself travels along a cable that is buried in the ground. If the dog comes close to the signal, it will hear an alarm. If the dog then proceeds to try to cross the boundary, a static charge goes from the collar to the dog. The dog is then corrected, and will remain in the yard.
Each individual pet has a different level of correction, and it is adjustable to suit the needs of the individual dog. So the correction is customized to what your dog's level is, and it stays at that level. It is safe, and does the dog no harm whatsoever.
Also, flags are placed along the ground to let the dog know that he is nearing the out of bounds area, and to be careful not to travel any farther away from the safe zone.
After a while, the dog will get used to the boundary area, and the flags will not be needed. They can be safely removed, and your dog will still know the boundary area.
You might want to look up the company and give them a call if you like your dog to have freedom, but do not want a fence around your yard. Read more information about Invisible Fence Westchester come check our site.
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